Privacy policy
1. General provisions

1.1 This Privacy Policy guarantees that MB “Breto prekyba” and E-shop safety of gathering and managing personal customers information, and principles of keeping them safe in storage.

1.2 Personal information gathering and managing based on this Privacy Policy, which is based by the law and other legislation of the Republic of Lithuania.

1.3 By giving your personal information at the E- shop, you give the permission to to manage given information for the intended purposes, based on the rules of Privacy Policy, the law and legislation order.

1.4 Our commitment is to sell goods for persons that are only under the age of 16. If a buyer is younger it is possible to buy only with the permission of parents or other responsible people.

2. Personal information gathering, managing and protection.

2.1 is guided by these main principles:

2.1.1 Personal information is being collected only for legitimate purposes.
2.1.2 Personal information is being managed accurately and honestly.
2.1.3 Personal information is constantly updated.
2.1.4 Personal information is stored as long as it is required by the purposes of the data processing.
2.1.5 Personal information is being managed only by the employees who have a right to do it.
2.1.6 All the personal information is confientia.

2.2 respects the rights of personal information. Personal data like (name, surname, age, addres. phone number, e-mail, and all the rest information that is needed at the e-shop) gathered and used for these purposes:
2.2.1 To process the orders;
2.2.2 To prepare financial documents (ex: invoice);
2.2.3 To solve the problems related to the delivery of the order;
2.2.4 To be able to do other agreed obligations;

3. Personal information transmission to the third parties

3.1 Personal information transmission to the third parties
3.1.2 The seller has a right to transfer personal information to the third parties only in the case of 2.2 statment to reach it aim.
3.1.3 Based only on the laws of the Republic of Lithuania.

4. Rules for registartion

4.1 Filling up the form for registration you are responsible for giving a correct and all the needed personal information. If the information in the given form is incorrect or misleading, the seller has a right to cancel or delete the registration and even restrain the opportunity to use E-shop services.

5. Personal information update

5.1 The buyer has a right to change or to update personal information but before that the buyer is responsible for informing the seller by the given e-mail or phone number.

6. Cookies

6.1 We inform, that we use cookies on our web page, due to the fact that we give professional service. Cookies automatically saves your information and it helps us to recognize you as a customer who already used our service. We only need this in order to check the statistics of our web page. You have a right to check and delete all the information that is saved. Of course you also have a right not to give any information, but then it may show up some problems by reaching some of our services. Using our E-shop you agree that information will be saved on your computer (or any other device) that you use. It is possible to cancel the given permission at any time, by changing the settings on your device or by reaching us on any contact.

7. Final provisions, possibility of changing rules

7.1 has aright to change Privacy rules, before informing about it at E-shop. Further usage of our services means the responsibility for following the rules. all the problems are solved based by the comppromise of both sides the buyer and the seller. If not than the laws of the Republic of Lithuania will solve them.

if there are any questions contact us on: [email protected]