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Alstroemerias are flowers that are characterized by color. Many types of these flowers have been invented in the world, and they differ from each other not only in the structure of flowers, but also in shades. Alstroemerias are said to symbolize friendship, so they are suitable gifts for people with whom you have or want to have a warm relationship.

Bouquet of alstroemerias

Since alstroemeria flowers are brightly colored and multi-colored, people often choose to put these flowers in various bouquets or combine alstroemerias together. We put alstroemerias in exclusive flower arrangements, we can offer the "Greetings" flower bouquet, which includes red roses and alstroemerias, and the "I miss you" bouquet, consisting of white roses and alstroemerias. We also have an extraordinary, extremely elegant bouquet of alstroemeria, eustoma and white roses called "Smile".

We can offer a bouquet of single-colored alstroemerias "Holiday" and a bouquet of white astromerias, and we also do not avoid mixing different colors of these flowers, so we sell multi-colored alstroemeria bouquets.

Box of Alstroemerias

Alstroemerias are sometimes compared to orchids because their flowers are surprisingly similar. We can offer alstroemeria boxes that differ from each other in terms of flower quantity and selection. We have colorful alstroemeria boxes, which include multi-colored or solid alstroemerias, as well as "Memories" and "Charm" flower boxes, which contain different colored roses and alstroemerias. You can choose combinations of alstroemerias and other flowers such as eustomas, carnations, roses and hydrangeas, which look stylish and modern, but are suitable as gifts for people of all ages.

A box of alstroemeria is very easy to transport and will stay in the recipient's home for quite some time. The best part is that the box is almost maintenance-free, as it contains a water-filled oasis in which the flowers are dipped.

Prices of Alstroemerias

Alstroemeria bouquets and alstroemeria boxes are sold at different prices. The price of alstroemeria depends not only on the way they are incorporated, but also on what flowers are combined with the alstroemeria, as well as how many flowers fit in a bouquet or box.