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Roses are probably one of the most popular and often chosen flowers. And not without reason. These flowers symbolize love and care, so people who feel this feeling buy flowers for their loved ones to show how precious and important they are in their lives. Roses can be given on the occasion of every holiday, as a confession of love, to apologize, they can be used to decorate rooms.

The Price of Roses

The price of roses is the most diverse. It depends on what color roses you buy, whether you buy them individually, in a bouquet, or maybe in a bucket. Also, the price of roses depends on the number of flowers and whether you will give them alone or if you choose our unique option - together with sweets. Don't forget that you can also buy flowers at a discount - follow the news on our website and be the first to find out about promotions!

Delivery of Roses

Delivery of roses in Vilnius and its surroundings costs an additional few euros, the delivery price depends on the place to which the flowers will be transported, as well as whether you want the recipient to receive the flowers at the exact time or not. Don't forget that you won't have to pay for delivery when buying for 40 euros or more.