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Carnations are multi-colored, brightly colored flowers, suitable for giving on the most diverse occasions. Usually, carnations are given during such holidays as weddings, anniversaries, and a child's christening. Also for parents who have just had a new baby and beloved women on March 8, Valentine's Day, on the anniversary of friendship. It is customary to give them to men as well. These flowers last a very long time and do not require much care, so each recipient can enjoy the carnations for a long time. Give flowers to a family member, friend or beloved woman, and they will add color and pleasant smells to the interior of the house.

Bouquets of carnations

We sell a bouquet of small carnation sprigs, which consists of the number of sprigs of your choice. We also have a bouquet of red carnations that looks elegant and especially suits and appeals to men. Give your chosen bouquet of carnations to your loved one and surprise them in a discreet yet elegant way. We have carnations in different colors, so if you have special requests, be sure to let us know about them - we will surely find a compromise.

Box of carnations

We can offer interesting and stylish carnation boxes. We have a single-color carnation box "Dream", as well as a box of eustomas, carnations and roses "Spring" and a two-color carnation box "Variety". There is really plenty to choose from. If you have specific flower color preferences, write them in the notes when ordering a box of carnations. We will try to find the most optimal option for you.