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Did you know that fragrant freesia flowers even have their own meaning? White freesias are said to symbolize chastity and innocence, yellow freesias friendship, pink or red freesias a symbol of good mood and perseverance. Freesias are given as gifts on a wide variety of occasions, often husbands give them to their wives on their seventh wedding anniversary. Freesias are truly wonderful-smelling, unique flowers, so they look beautiful in bridal bouquets or on the dinner table.

Since freesias are people's favorite flowers, we can also offer them for purchase.We sell freesias in bouquets or boxes. We already have everyone's favorite one-color freesia bouquet "Great Mood", as well as the multi-colored freesia bouquet "Scented Dream" and "Two-Color Wish" - a unique freesia box. Keep in mind that the pictures show flower colors and shades may vary, and please inform us about your wishes before ordering the desired freesia bouquet or box.