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Tulips are flowers that people usually associate with spring. These seasonal flowers are usually given during spring or summer holidays such as Women's Day, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day and Father's Day. They are often used to decorate homes and offices in the spring, and to decorate holidays. Tulips are a really beautiful way of greeting, so order the flowers you like and surprise your loved one with them.

Tulip Bouquets

We offer a wide selection of tulip bouquets. We tie flowers of various colors into bouquets: red, purple, yellow, pink, white. Original bouquets of tulips exude a gentle aroma, so decorating the interior with them is not only fun, but also pleasant. This gift will appeal to every woman who loves flowers. Do not forget that each color symbolizes a different meaning, so choose red tulips to confess your love, and white tulips to express your sincere and friendly feelings.

Tulip Boxes

Tulip boxes look really elegant and stylish, they can be used to decorate your interior and give as gifts on various occasions. This way of gifting tulips is unique, it is convenient to transport them from one place to another, and tulips endure long-distance journeys. In our online store you will find tulip boxes in different colors: white and pink, yellow and purple, red and white, solid red, yellow, white, purple, as well as other different colors. We sell tulips in boxes in different quantities, the minimum number of tulips in a box is 21 and the maximum is 101.

Cut tulips

We sell tulips not only in bouquets or boxes, but also in units. Buy the number of cut tulips you want and use them to decorate your whole house or other spaces where you spend a lot of time. Also, surprise your beloved women, friends, colleagues with cut tulips on March 8, be sure that the recipients will definitely be satisfied with such a show of attention.