Sleeping roses

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We deliver sleeping roses throughout Lithuania. In Vilnius we have several delivery options, while in other parts of Lithuania (Kaunas, Klaipėda, Šiauliai, Panevėžys, etc.) we deliver via courier service to home, work or to a post machine.

About Sleeping Roses

Sleeping roses are live, preserved and non-growing flowers that can last up to several years. At the moment, they are conquering the hearts of many people, because they are as if from a picture, beautiful and perfect. The petals of sleeping roses are gentle, soft, very well preserved, and look like that even after several years.

Benefits of sleeping roses
  • Sleeping roses do not need to be watered. This is perhaps the biggest advantage, because you can leave a sleeping rose alone for even a week and nothing will happen to it, it will not wither - a sleeping rose is a suitable choice for those who do not know how to or do not like to take care of flowers.
  • Sleeping roses bloom year round. After giving a sleeping rose to a dear person, you will be able to relax a little, after all, this plant will always bloom.
  • The prices of sleeping roses do not bite. Dormant roses are usually only slightly more expensive than live (live, meaning developing) bouquets. Therefore, do not doubt that you will save, because sleeping roses will decorate the environment for at least a few more years, which cannot be said about blooming flowers.
  • Sleeping roses are not toxic. This means that sleeping roses do not harm either people or animals, they are safe to keep at home or in the office.
Storage conditions for sleeping roses

Although sleeping roses do not require special care, there are still some things that should be followed in order for the flower to stand for many years.

1. It is advisable to keep the sleeping rose at a temperature not lower than +5 degrees and not higher than +30 degrees. It is usually easy to implement, since the constant temperature of the house is about +22 degrees.

2. Sleeping roses should not be kept in direct sunlight. They can fade the flower, and you don't want that to happen, do you?

3. Adjust the humidity in the room. The humidity level should not be higher than 80 percent.

4. It is not necessary, but it is advisable to dust the sleeping rose regularly. You can do this by taking a special cloth or by blowing away the dust with a gentle stream of wind.

What are these stabilized flowers good for?

Sleeping roses are suitable for giving on a wide variety of occasions. Such a beautiful, elegant and stylish gift, you can give it to newlyweds, parents who have just had a baby, as well as dear mother or father, who have reached their wedding anniversary, sleeping rose is a suitable gift and for birthdays, christenings or other special days such as March 8, Valentine's Day or Mother's Day day on occasion. Whoever you give a sleeping rose to, you can be sure that it will really impress, and the recipient will enjoy this gift for years to come. Sleeping roses decorate the environment and become the accent of every home or office interior.