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Blue irises are interesting and completely unique flowers that are suitable as gifts for both men and women. If you want to surprise your loved ones in an original way, these flowers are perfect for that. Irises are said to symbolize peace and tranquility, so they are sure to appeal to people celebrating birthdays, silver wedding anniversaries, and christenings. You can bring irises to visit friends, give a bouquet of these flowers to parents who have just had a child or to friends who are celebrating the anniversary of the company's opening.

A bouquet of blue irises.You can choose a bouquet of blue irises in our online store. A bouquet of blue irises consists of 15, 19, 25, 31 or 51 irises. The final price depends on the selected amount of flowers, so you will pay between €18 - €61 for a bouquet of irises. The bouquet will look really special, because the irises will be surrounded by a large, colored ribbon that matches them. Be sure that even a small amount of irises in a bouquet will look interesting, beautiful and cozy, but those who want an impression and a stunning effect should choose a bouquet consisting of 31 or 51 irises.

If you received a bouquet of irises as a gift, know that it does not require much maintenance, soak the flowers in cold water and change it every 1-2 days. Trim iris stems regularly and enjoy the flowers for a long time to come.

Flower delivery in Vilnius. Delivery of irises in Vilnius is a unique way to surprise any recipient, just like the irises themselves. You just need to choose the desired quantity of irises and order this product, and we deliver the flowers directly to the recipient's home, workplace or any other place where he is at the time. If you don't want to reveal the secret of who the flowers are from, no problem, because our courier will kindly and tactfully deliver a bouquet of blue irises to the recipient without telling the customer's name.

The wonderful aroma of irises fills the room with a fresh and summery mood. If you want to surprise the recipient with a bouquet of not only blue, but also other colored irises - contact us in advance with your wish. We will do our best to make your wishes come true, and the recipient will receive a bouquet that is not only original, but also enchanting. Give the gift of summer to a loved one with an exquisite bouquet of blue irises.