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Eustomas are small-flowered, flowers of various colors, which look amazing alone or placed next to other flowers. Suitable for giving on various occasions, brides often add eustoma to their wedding bouquets, these flowers are used to decorate luxurious celebrations. Eustomas are flowers that attract love and goodness, so you can't go wrong by giving them to the woman you love.

Bouquet of eustomas

A luxurious and elegant bouquet of eustomas is a nice gift or accessory for any occasion. We can offer a variety of eustoma bouquets: monochromatic and multi-colored eustoma in a bouquet, as well as bouquets in which other flowers, such as roses or alstroemeria, are embedded next to the eustoma. If you don't find an option you like, contact the specialists of, who will definitely have something to offer at the price you want. Bouquets of eustomas look delicate, so there is no doubt that the recipient will be surprised to receive such a gift.

Box of Eustomas

A bucket of eustoma can be an exceptional surprise for a person on an important day. Eustomas are sold in a variety of colors, so we hope you find one that fits and appeals to you. These romantic flowers look great in buckets and alone, and placed next to a rose or alstroemeria only enhances their beauty and adds uniqueness to the box. In our online store, you will find flower boxes that consist only of single-color or two-color eustomas, as well as eustomas, carnations and roses, and the "Lappiness" flower box consists of eustomas, freesias, roses and alstroemerias, or other white flowers. The eustoma buckets sold at look unique and charming, so they are suitable gifts for various holidays.

Prices of Eustomas

Eustoma prices differ from each other. The price of eustomas depends on the selected number of flowers, which flowers are combined with each other, as well as whether you plan to order a bouquet or a bucket of flowers. The prices of eustoms in our online store start from €19, so we hope you will find the option you like and fit the most at a reasonable price.