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Postcards are a way to tell a dear person how much you love them, congratulate them on their birthday, wedding, mother's day, wish them the best year and express their emotions in a different way. In our online store, you will find a wide variety of postcards that you can deliver yourself or order them to be delivered by courier.

An assortment of postcards

We can offer to purchase interesting and unique postcards for different holidays or for no occasion at all. We have both full-color and dual-color cards, with animals, flowers and more. We have the following postcards:

  • Cards with name day. Name day cards can be suitable for both men and women. It is not said anywhere exactly how a name day card should look, so you can really freely choose both with flowers and with other designs.

  • Happy birthday cards. Birthday cards or anniversary cards are best ones that feature candles or flowers. Depending on the age of the anniversary, choose a card you like and write your best wishes on it.

  • Cards with flowers. Cards with flowers are very diverse. We can offer cards with yellow roses, orchids, red roses or other flowers. We would suggest giving a stylish card with as few details as possible to a man, and a more colorful card to a woman.

  • Postcards for weddings. We have stylish and elegant postcards for weddings. You can choose from "wedding joy", "smileys", "young couple" cards or others.

  • Postcards for Mother's Day. Both cards for Mother's Day and cards for March 8 can be with flowers or animals. If your mothers and women like these cute images, then choose them.

  • Postcards for Valentine's Day. On the occasion of Valentine's Day, we can offer cards with hearts, teddy bears or other cute drawings.