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Flowers are given on the most diverse occasions. They can symbolize love, care, reveal the giver's thoughts and feelings, and say more than words can say. Usually, bouquets are given on birthdays, anniversaries, given to the parents of a newborn baby, they are used to congratulate mothers and fathers, beloved women and beloved men. Also, bouquets of flowers are a great thank you to a colleague, teacher, lecturer or even a doctor. Bouquets can be given without any occasion, just on a normal day, to say sorry or show how much someone cares.

What bouquets do we offer?

Bouquets of various flowers are also sold in the online store We offer different flowers, brightly colored and multicolored bouquets. We have bouquets of roses in different colors, we can offer bouquets of eustomas, carnation bouquets that men especially like, exquisite alstroemeria bouquets and sunflower bouquets that will never go out of fashion. Also in our online store you will find a bouquet of beautiful blue irises, a bouquet of colorful gerberas, a bouquet of summer daffodils and even a bouquet of white calla lilies. Of course, we also have brightly colored tulips, which are suitable as gifts for women, but you can also surprise men with a bouquet of tulips. The selection of bouquets is really wide, so we hope that you will find the most optimal option for you. If you have color or flower preferences - contact us in advance or write your preferences in the comments when ordering a bouquet. We compose the most diverse flowers into a bouquet, we can mix them together, keep in mind that we take into account the wishes of the customer and try to meet all expectations.

A lovely gift will also go well with a bouquet of flowers. You can additionally order balloons of various colors, a box of delicious sweets or a cute teddy bear. Also, add a postcard to the overall composition - don't forget to write who it's from so that the recipient knows who to thank.

Bouquet Prices

The prices of bouquets in our online store are varied. The price depends on the selected number of flowers in the bouquet, as well as on the selection of the flowers themselves. The more flowers make up the bouquet, the more interesting and unique the bouquet - the higher the price. You will see the full price of the bouquet in the order, so you will know how much you are spending.

Delivery of bouquets

Home delivery of bouquets is offered in Vilnius and the Vilnius area. Be sure that after ordering the bouquet you like, you will receive it on time, and if you ordered flowers for a dear person, he will definitely be satisfied with the order. Delivery of flower bouquets in Vilnius will not only save you time, but will also really surprise the recipient, because this way of giving is completely unusual, but already very popular in Lithuania. If you want to surprise the recipient - no problem, because our courier will deliver the flowers without revealing who they are from, and you can reveal this innocent secret yourself.