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Light brown teddy bear "Teddy" - an exclusive, interesting and truly unique gift. It is common for many to think that teddy bears are given only to children, but this is definitely not the case. Teddy bear can definitely be a gift not only for a child, but also for an adult who likes soft, comforting toys. This teddy bear is really suitable as a gift for a variety of occasions: birthday, friendship, wedding or engagement anniversary, christening, company opening party, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day or even March 8th. You can also give a teddy bear as a gift without any occasion at all, be sure that it will definitely bring happiness to the recipient and make them smile.

All you have to do is choose which size teddy bear you want to give to the recipient.You can choose from:

  • Soft brown teddy bear - 100 cm.
  • Soft brown teddy bear - 160 cm.
  • Soft brown teddy bear - 200 cm.

Teddy bear is always decorated with a red ribbon around the neck, so it looks not only original, but also very festive. The presented teddy bear will definitely find its place in every home, it can decorate the sofa in the living room, the bed in the bedroom or even an unnecessary chair in the kitchen. A teddy bear can be a stylish gift during the day and a warm support at night, because once you hug such a soft toy, you will never want to let it go. It will not only warm you, but also give you a sense of security.

If you want an even greater effect, in addition to the "Teddy" bear, you can also send a bouquet of flowers, his favorite balloons, a card or a box of sweets to your loved one. The overall picture will definitely be amazing and will surprise any person.

Our courier will deliver your order in Vilnius and the surrounding districts of Vilnius directly to the recipient's home, workplace or other place where a person is at that time. Do not forget that if you order for €40 or more, you will not have to pay for delivery. We hope that the gift you have chosen will please your dear person and he will really be surprised and impressed.